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Ways to Volunteer

There are many committees and opportunities to beautify our neighbourhoods. Click one of the items below to learn more.

Benchington  Board  Butterflyway

Community Garden  Reimagine Beddington

Volunteer Coordinator

One & Done

Explore our flexible one-and-done volunteer opportunities that let you make a meaningful impact without the commitment of consistent hours:

There are currently no one-and-done volunteer opportunities. Please check back at a later date.

All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.

- Chinese Proverb

Your Project Could Go Here!

Want to organize something exciting and new in Beddington?

If you would like to share a special interest, hobby, or activity with others in the community, we may be able to support your initiative. The first step is to share your idea at a board meeting. That's how the Beddington Book Club turned its first page, how Alberta's first Butterflyway took flight, and how our community garden sprouted.

Help us offer a tried-and-true community event. We've done these before and could offer them again -- but each needs an event planner:

  • Winter Carnival
  • Neighbour Day BBQ
  • Photo Contest
  • Beddington Bingo
  • Pop-up BBQ

   Contact Us


You talked; we listened. One of the most requested amenities from our residents is the desire for more benches and picnic tables in our community. Since installing our inaugural bench in the fall of 2020, we aim to add one each year.

How you can help:

Let us know where the next bench or table should go.

Bench map coming soon.


You don't need to be on the BHCA Board to find out what's going on in the community. Our meetings are open to the public -- and your input. Please join us!

How you can help:

Attend a meeting

Join the board


Help us develop our "highway" of pollinator-friendly sites in Beddington.

Beddington Heights was Alberta's first Butterflyway (but certainly not the last) thanks to resident Dave Mulders.

How you can help:

Be a Butterflyway Ranger or Jr. Ranger

Attract pollinators

Avoid urban beekeeping

If you're helping pollinators or want to learn more, contact us.

Community Garden

Calling all green thumbs and community enthusiasts! Are you passionate about gardening, sustainability, or simply love getting your hands dirty for a good cause? Join us at the heart of our community garden as a volunteer!

There's something truly special about tending to the soil, nurturing seedlings, and watching them flourish into bountiful crops. But beyond the blooms, volunteering with us means forging connections, sharing knowledge, and making a tangible difference in our community's well-being.

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, there's a place for you in our garden family. From planting parties to maintenance days, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and lend a hand.

Ready to dig in and grow with us? Sign up to volunteer today and be a part of something truly rewarding. Together, let's cultivate a greener, healthier community, one seedling at a time.

Learn More About the Community Garden

The Garden Committee meets the third Monday once a month for six months a year (or more, if needed). The group will facilitate the planning, funding, building, operating, maintenance, and communications for the Beddington Community Garden. You can join the Garden Committee or attend any Garden Committee meetings.

How you can help:

I want more information about the Garden Committee.

I want to join the Garden Committee.

I want to attend a Garden Committee meeting.

Reimagine Beddington

The Reimagine Beddington Committee was created as part of a multi-year project to plan the future of our open spaces, such as parks, playgrounds, pathways, and fields.  Although that was the initial focus, Reimagine has taken on a life of its own, fostering resident-initiated projects like our planters, Play Hub, community garden, and Butterflyway.

We are finding ways to:

  •     activate outdoor spaces
  •     increase recreational diversity for all ages
  •     create environmentally healthy, sustainable outdoor spaces  
  •     beautify our neighbourhood
  •     add amenities for comfort and safety

Volunteer Coordinator

🌟 Help Your Community as a Volunteer Coordinator! 🌟

Are you passionate about community engagement and skilled in bringing people together for a common cause? Beddington Heights Community Association is seeking a dynamic volunteer coordinator to play a key role in fostering a vibrant and connected community.

This is your chance to make a meaningful impact in Beddington Heights and contribute to the growth of our community! Join us in creating positive change and fostering a sense of belonging.

We can't wait to welcome you to our dedicated team of community builders! 🤝✨

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