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The Beddington Heights Community Association is a group of dedicated volunteers bringing you together as residents, acting as a voice for your community, and providing opportunities that make Beddington a great place to live, work, and play.



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Let’s make Beddington Alberta’s 1st official BUTTERFLY WAY

The David Suzuki Foundation has been working with citizen groups across the country to create Butterflyways, “highways” of pollinator-friendly habitat for butterflies, bees and many other important insects. The foundation provides educational resources and support for its Rangers and participating communities. 

To begin the process, we need to map new and existing pollinator-friendly patches in our community, including private yards, gardens and balconies. You can help! We only need twelve patches in the community to become an official Butterflyway.

What would a pollinator patch look like?
* Native flowers, trees and shrubs
* Concentrations of blooming plants for pollinators to locate from the air
* Cascading blooms to nourish pollinators across the seasons
* Habitat for bees and butterflies such as untouched naturalized space, man made habitats including bee houses, stick bundles, bare ground patches and leaf piles.
* Water sources suited for insects with shallow landing areas and perches for drinking.

CLICK ON THIS GUIDE for more information to see if you already have a pollinator-friendly patch, or to create a new area for butterflies, bees and other pollinators.

We are interested in all efforts to help pollinators in the community no matter how big or small. Help us get all pollinator-friendly patches on the map for Beddington.

Step 1: Take some photos of your pollinator-friendly patch
Step 2: CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US at BeddingtonButterflies@gmail.com
along with a short description of the measures you are taking to help pollinators.
Step 3: Please indicate your consent to be included in Beddington’s Butterflyway Project by including your first and last name, street address and email.

Note: this information will be collected and mapped by David Mulders, a Butterflyway Ranger with the David Suzuki Foundation and local Beddington resident.

Information will be collected for verification only, the map provided to and published by the David Suzuki Foundation will not include names or addresses, and will be artistic in nature so as not to discern between specific locations. These details will not be shared with the public, the David Suzuki Foundation, or any other organization. Contact information would only be used in the event of an update to the Beddington Butterflyway to inquire about continued involvement, for the delivery of signage, and as recognition of the efforts of community members with explicit consent.

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